Aadhaar Cards and you: What you can use UID Cards for?

Aadhaar Cards and you: What you can use UID Cards for?

Aadhar card is one of the biggest project launched by the Indian government. An Aadhar number is a unique identification number that has to be allotted to every citizen of India and is a universal identification number. It contains your demographic and biometric details, for example, your fingerprints, retina scan, photograph, address, account details, your name, and your parent’s name. On the basis of this information, you can easily avail all the government schemes.

There is a set of a population who is still not clear about its benefits and features. Therefore, today in this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the benefits of Aadhar card and how can you use them.

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Benefits of Aadhar card

Easy availability

Aadhar card is an only government document that is easily available on the internet called as an e-Aadhar card. So, wherever you are, whenever you need your Aadhar card, you can easily get access to it via online services.

Moreover, it also reduces the risk of an original document being stolen or lost. You can always find an original copy on the internet. It can be downloaded on any device and displayed whenever required.


People can easily avail subsidies. The government has all your data linked to your Aadhar card, you don’t have to apply for the subsidies separately. You only need to produce your Unique identification card and you’ll easily receive your subsidies directly in your bank account.

Right now, Aadhar card is only connected to bank accounts and LPG gas cylinders. Therefore, the government can send you the subsidies through Aadhar card support.

Universal identity

There was a specific purpose behind launching Aadhar card in 2009. There was no such document that contains all your data and can act as your identity card for all purposes. However, Aadhar card was not introduced with anything specific in mind. Instead, it can be used for many important things, for example, with Aadhar card you can get your pension easily, applying for subsidy is simple, etc.

Aadhar card also acts as a proof of identity, age, gender, address, and most importantly, a resident of India. While availing government services you can make use of your Aadhar card.

Get receipt of monthly pension

A retired officer can register their Aadhar card number with their respective department so that timely pension can be received. This is a huge benefit for a retired official.

LPG subsidy

The Aadhar based direct benefit transfer is followed by LPG subsidy, wherein the distributor will for your specific area link your Aadhar card and transfer cash directly to your bank account. Your LPG subsidy will reach you through your 12 digits unique identification number or Aadhar card.

Jan Dhan Yojna

The Jan Dhan Yojna is said to offer a considerate help to people from the rural and remote area. In fact, Jan Dhan Yojna bank accountS can only be availed through Aadhar card verification. This is how government can easily get through your needs and collect a considerable data.

Make payments (New development)

This is a new development which was introduced this year. With India getting digitalised, the government also wants us to go cashless and cardless. While we used to make payments through hard cash and debit/credit card, the government has asked people to link their Aadhar number to the bank account and pay the bills through Aadhar number. This way you can make payments anywhere and anytime you want.

The only thing that is needed is your Aadhar number that is 12 digits unique number and your fingerprint.


Aadhar card has changed lives of many, we have a unique identification number, all in one verification document, duplicate copy available on online, etc. eadhar card will ensure that you receive all your subsidies and payments as early as possible.

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