Successful Phenomenal Apps That Make Their Owner Rich

Successful Phenomenal Apps That Make Their Owner Rich


There is nothing like being able to make money from something you created. There are such amazing stories of developers who have earned some good amount of money from their own application. This amazing results that designers and developers have been able to find on different platforms is not only liberating but also motivating.

Today we are going to share such fascinating success stories that we have been able to track so far. Hoe you like it:-

  • Flight Control

Flight control is an Air traffic controller application that is made to track flights and their landing timings. It has enticed a great number of users across the globe. Flight Control puts you on edge of your eat by providing you one of the best estimated flight timing ever. This app was launched in March, 2009. Within three years of span Flight xcontrol has done a great amount work on the application

Developer: Firemint Pty Ltd

Estimated Revenue: $3,000,000+

Estimated Installs: 4,000,000+


  • Instagram

Instagram is one website and application that can snatch your users as well as followers with ease. Instagram does not need to do any hard work with the application as until now people have gone crazy about it. When instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, they didn’t understand its working and how to attract users towards this great creation. But within 4 years FaceBook has been able to take Instagram on different level of social networking site. It was first launched in October, 2010 across the globe and bought by Facebook in 2012.

Developer: Burbn Inc

Estimated Revenue: $1,000,000,000

Estimated installs: 60,000,000+

  • Colorsplash

Colorsplash allows you to easily turn your photos with black and white filter. You can leave the desired space which needs to be left colourful. It gives a dramatic look to your picture. The application sells in app purchase of $0.99 per month subscription. It is counted in the top 25 app list and is also included in the hall of fame list of the app store.

Developer: Pocket Pixel

Estimated Revenue: $4,900,000+

Estimated Installs: 7,000,000+

  • ShowBox HD

ShowBox needs no introduction to its users, but if you are left behind; ShowBox HD is a movie streaming application that is taking people by storm. It simply downloads or stream movies, tv shows, trailers and news on the application for free. The app is not available in the app stores but can be downloaded from third party websites. It was found on September 10,2014. Within 2 years of commencement the application has put its users on the edge of the seat by providing fantastic features that too for free. showbox for android is also voted as no1 streaming app of year. 

Estimated Revenues: $4,000,000

Estimated Installs: 5,000,000


These apps are quite entertaining and an unhealthy addiction for regular users. All the applications mentioned above are in the list of the most successful application of this year. They not only provide you with excellent services or revenue to its developers but a feeling of satisfaction to the users.

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