How to Watch Movies on Kodi?

How to Watch Movies on Kodi?

Kodi is a software which allows you to watch movies, tv shows, videos and play games on your big screen. Kodi is a very popular gadget for movie lovers, it easily allows you to screen all the entertainment videos on your television without any disturbances or hang ups.


Though the software is quite awesome and popular, Kodi is definitely a difficult software to understand at the same time. You can hope to watch movies from add ons and other installed applications but installing them on the software is a huge task in itself.

On Kodi either you can download especially designed applications like Exodus or download Android applications directly from the store. To clearly understand this process we went through Kodi by ourselves and today we will be providing you step by step fresh procedures to download or install Add ons on Kodi.

Download Movie Add ons

There are many movie addons available for Kodi like Exodus, ShowBox, TubeMate, SnapTube, VidMate etc. Today we’ll be discussing the procedure to download showbox  pc version add on on your Kodi. Once you understand it similarly you can install other add ons too. Here, trusted Showbox apk.

Step 1 – Click on “System” and then select “File Manager”.

Step 2 – Select Add on source from the list given on the screen.

Step 3 – Click on “None” tab

Step 4 – Type “” and press on “Ok” button.

Step 5 – Highlight “Enter name for the media source” and type “mucky” in the box and click on “Ok”

Step 6 – Go back to the home screen and click on the “System”.

Step 7 – Choose “setting sub” option and click on “Add ons choice”.

Step 8 – Select “Install Zip file” option.

Step 9 – Search for a file named as Mucky. Select the zip file named as “”.

Step 10 – Wait for few seconds, you’ll notice an Add on enabled notification at the bottom of the screen.

Step 11 – Click on “Install from the Repository” and choose “Mucky Ducks Repo” option.

Step 12 – Now choose Video add on and select ShowBox from the list shown on the screen.

Step 13 – Click on the “Install” button  and wait for the notification enabled on the screen.

Step 14 – And you are done, now you can enjoy unlimited entertainment with ease on your television screen.

Wrap up

This is the easiest way to install Add ons on your Kodi software and enjoy endless entertainment on you big screen. This was step by step guide for ShowBox, you can also download other add ons following the same procedure. Please remember to change the names of the file.


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